Egyptian born Alfredo Abdelhady features New York style pizza and Italian dishes at his two restaurants, Alfredo's Pizza and Pasta of Stroudsburg and Bartonsville. Alfredo was raised in Egypt, but trained in Italy, and is now a proud American entrepreneur.

He spent his childhood in Egypt, then moved to Italy where he spent 9 years to learn the restaurant business. He then came to the United States in 1979. Alfredo's first job in the states was as a dishwasher in the New York area.

He soon moved to a position as a cook in Wayne, New Jersey and eventually became an assistant chef. Not long there after, he went to a pizzeria in Hacketstown, NJ.

The first Alfredo's was opened in 1982 on Route 94, in Blairstown, New Jersey, followed by one in Jay Park of Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania in 1985. Alfredo then opened The Villa restaurant on Route 209 north of Marshalls Creek.

While at The Villa,Alfredo's was invited to open a pizzeria at Fountain Court in Bartonsville which opened in 1991. With the strong success of the Bartonsville location, Alfredo sold the Marshalls Creek business in 1996 as well as the Blairstown location and The Villa in 1997.

In 1998 Alfredo opened the Stroudsburg location only to find that location even more popular and far busier than the Bartonsville location.

In 2012, Alfredo moved the Bartonsville to a new location in Swiftwater.

Alfredo has said he never would have had the opportunity to open his own business in Egypt or Italy. The opportunity America offers, plus a lot of hard work , has made Alfredo's dream of owning his own business come true.